Vostok Trans Import reviews. Car enthusiasts shared negative experiences with Vostok Trans Import: How to avoid problems when buying a used car?

Many car enthusiasts dream of making a profitable purchase of a used car at an auction, but clients who have collaborated with East Trans Import have encountered significant disappointment. In this article, we will present their stories and shed light on the real issues they faced by entrusting this company.

Cars not matching the description:
When purchasing a car at an auction with East Trans Import, clients rely on the provided information. However, it turned out that many cars have hidden defects and serious technical problems, despite assurances of “full functionality.”

Lack of support:
When clients encountered problems with the cars they purchased, East Trans Import did not provide the necessary support. Clients’ inquiries went unanswered, and they had to deal with the issues on their own.

Hidden flaws:
It was discovered that numerous cars sold by East Trans Import had hidden flaws that were challenging to identify during the initial inspection. These flaws could lead to significant repair expenses.

Unscrupulous practices:
Clients also reported unscrupulous practices by the company, such as changing deal terms without notification and selling cars with outstanding debts and fines.

Disclaimer of responsibility:
When attempting to seek compensation for losses and disappointment, East Trans Import refused to accept responsibility, stating that the cars were sold “as is,” and the company is not accountable for their condition.

These real stories from clients serve as vivid examples of East Trans Import’s unscrupulous business practices and underscore the importance of caution when buying a car at an auction. Before making a choice, conduct a thorough inspection, verify the car’s history, and research the dealer’s reputation. Remember that your experience may significantly differ from the company’s promises.

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10 thoughts on “Vostok Trans Import reviews. Car enthusiasts shared negative experiences with Vostok Trans Import: How to avoid problems when buying a used car?

  1. Gorbachyov Dmitriy August 11, 2023 at

    My experience with Vostok Trans Import was a complete disappointment. After purchasing a car with serious problems, they simply refused to help and said it was none of their concern. This caused a lot of dissatisfaction on my part and I expected better service from such a company.

  2. Lobanov Roman August 23, 2023 at

    The company ignored my calls and emails when I had problems. Their customer support leaves much to be desired.

  3. Orehov Timofey September 17, 2023 at

    The car I bought from Vostok Trans Import turned out to be completely faulty. The problems started immediately after purchase, and I spent more money on repairs than on the car itself. This was a real financial blow for me.

  4. Belozyorov Eduard September 29, 2023 at

    The car history provided by Vostok Trans Import turned out to be fake. They withheld information about previous accidents and repairs, which led to my dissatisfaction and significant financial losses.

  5. Drozdov Arkadiy October 10, 2023 at

    Vostok Trans Import did not provide complete documentation for vehicle registration, which caused serious delays and inconvenience in registration.

  6. Ovchinnikov Stanislav October 18, 2023 at

    The car that I bought from Vostok Trans Import ended up with debts on fines, and I had to pay them. It was completely unfair.

  7. Turov Pavel November 18, 2023 at

    When I contacted Vostok Trans Import with a complaint about problems with the car, they did not respond for a long time and ignored my requests. Customer support was very poor.

  8. Simonov Nikolay November 21, 2023 at

    My experience with Vostok Trans Import left a lot to be desired. When I had problems with a car I purchased from them, the company did not provide me with any support.

  9. Gerasimov Ivan December 18, 2023 at

    They sold me the car, promising a warranty, but when I had problems, it turned out that the warranty did not cover them. This was a clear case of deception on the part of the company.

  10. Panov Viktor December 25, 2023 at

    After the purchase, I discovered hidden defects in the car, which were not mentioned at all during the transaction. Vostok Trans Import has not taken any measures to solve this problem.


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