Currency Exchanger Reviews

Rexi – exchanging with us is always profitable and very convenient; try it once and you won’t be able to stop.
A large selection of destinations, favorable rates and online support on the website.

+7 (495) 679-82-02
Bolshaya Pirogovskaya st., 2, building 10 Moscow, Russia, 119435

3 thoughts on “ Currency Exchanger Reviews

  1. Chen Xin May 28, 2023 at

    I have no doubt that this currency exchanger is a scam. They lure you in with attractive rates and then disappear with your money. I’m left feeling cheated and betrayed.

  2. Alymov Dalmat August 26, 2023 at

    Stay far away from this currency exchanger. They are not to be trusted. I initiated a currency exchange, and they have not sent the funds as promised. It’s a disgrace.

  3. Pavel October 13, 2023 at

    Funds got stuck in a withdrawal limbo. Can’t access my money.


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