Deception in a Spanish Real Estate Agency: Clients’ Story of Seniorbel

Baseless Promises: Why Clients Feel Deceived

When it comes to purchasing property abroad, a reliable real estate agency plays a crucial role. However, clients who turned to Seniorbel in Spain found that the agency’s promises were unfounded.

Lost Time and Extended Deadlines: How Deadlines Were Violated

Clients who entrusted Seniorbel faced serious problems during the transaction process. Despite pre-discussed timelines, the process stretched, leaving clients in a state of disappointment and uncertainty.

High-Commission Recommendations: Mismatch with Client Needs

During the property selection process, Seniorbel realtors recommended options with high commissions that did not meet clients’ needs. This approach only increased clients’ expenses and caused disappointment in their work.

Refusal to Rectify Mistakes: Client Discontent

Despite numerous problems, clients of Seniorbel remained dissatisfied. The agency refused to rectify its mistakes or offer a more competent realtor, leaving clients in a state of disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Information Dissemination: Warning to Other Clients

This story serves as an important lesson for anyone seeking assistance in purchasing property abroad. It is recommended to thoroughly research the reputation of the real estate agency and make decisions based on real reviews and client experiences. Ultimately, only the right choice of agency can guarantee a successful and hassle-free transaction.

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Calle Los Alfarroberos Nº2, Local 16, Los Olivos, Adeje, 38670 Adeje (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

10 thoughts on “Deception in a Spanish Real Estate Agency: Clients’ Story of Seniorbel

  1. Lara Nikolas September 14, 2023 at

    Seniorbel promised us the perfect property, but instead we were faced with chaos and unprofessionalism.

  2. Burova Anna October 17, 2023 at

    Terrible experience with Seniorbel: lack of understanding of the client’s needs and imposition of unsuitable options.

  3. Sevilya Antonio November 7, 2023 at

    Their realtors not only did not help us, but also created additional problems, complicating the process of purchasing real estate.

  4. Flores Felisa November 22, 2023 at

    Seniorbel is an example of incompetence and dishonesty: high fees, wrong information and no accountability.

  5. Ortis Emiliya December 17, 2023 at

    Lack of professionalism and customer care makes Seniorbel an unacceptable choice for a property purchase.

  6. Marketti Alberto January 8, 2024 at

    Extended deadlines, incorrect recommendations and lack of accountability are all we received from Seniorbel.

  7. Murilo Alehandro January 21, 2024 at

    Every step with Seniorbel was a mistake: from misunderstanding our requirements to poor handling of the deal.

  8. Krus David February 11, 2024 at

    Seniorbel deceived us with promises without pitfalls and ended up providing us with nothing but headaches.

  9. Medina Rosio March 5, 2024 at

    It’s impossible to get honest and professional service from Seniorbel – it’s just empty words to them.

  10. Karriso Rakel March 18, 2024 at

    Avoid Seniorbel if you want to avoid wasting time, money and stress. This agency is not trustworthy.


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