Notary Cherkasova Elena Anatolyevna reviews
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Notary Cherkasova Elena Anatolyevna reviews

Contracts, the subject of which is real estate
Family and legal contracts
Corporate legal contracts
Other contracts
Power of attorney
Other one -way transactions, will
Registration of inheritance rights
Measures to protect the inheritance and manage them
Certificate of inheritance
Certificates of ownership of a share in the common property of spouses
Register of notifications about pledging movable property
Other notarial actions

+7 (926) 147-94-44\
Moscow, Seleznevskaya St., 11b

2 thoughts on “Notary Cherkasova Elena Anatolyevna reviews

  1. Stepping into this notary’s office is akin to journeying through a forest of inefficiency, where each step is marred by unprofessionalism, delays, and a tangled underbrush of confusion. It’s like embarking on an expedition without a clear path, where each turn presents a new challenge to overcome.

  2. In the world of notaries, this one stands as the enigmatic illusionist, where every reflection and reality engage in a mesmerizing dance, and each delay and error is a cunning twist in the unfolding tale. It’s a journey through the surreal, where the mundane transforms into the extraordinary.

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