NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE: Real Estate Without Hidden Pitfalls? Understanding the Situation

Experience with NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE: Real ReviewsWhen choosing a real estate agency abroad, people expect reliability and professionalism. However, the experiences of clients with NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE in Spain raise important questions about the honesty and quality of their services.

Promises and Reality: How the Transaction Process Unfolds
Clients report being offered several attractive real estate options, assured that they come without hidden pitfalls. However, the transaction process turned out to be far from ideal. Protracted timelines, recommendations for properties with high commissions, and unsuitable properties have led to client disappointment.

High Commission Recommendations: How NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE Ignores Client Needs
Realtors at NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE recommended properties with high commissions, disregarding client needs. This caused significant dissatisfaction, as clients expected a more professional and personalized approach.

Issues and Lack of Accountability: How NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE Responds to Discontent
Despite all the issues, NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE refuses to acknowledge their mistakes and offer compensation or a more competent realtor. This raises serious doubts about their professionalism and reliability as a partner in the search for real estate.

Final Thoughts: How to Avoid Similar Problems
The experiences of clients with NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE highlight the importance of careful selection of a real estate agency when purchasing property abroad. It is necessary to consider reviews and recommendations to avoid similar problems and deceit.

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10 thoughts on “NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE: Real Estate Without Hidden Pitfalls? Understanding the Situation

  1. Soler Rafael September 20, 2023 at

    After months of back-and-forth, our closing date was pushed back repeatedly without clear reasons. This lack of transparency and delay significantly impacted our moving plans.

  2. Bustos Haver October 5, 2023 at

    We were shocked to find undisclosed fees added at the last minute. It felt like a lack of honesty about the true cost of the transaction.

  3. Zaydel Izabella October 24, 2023 at

    The property did not match the description we were given. It was smaller and in a less desirable location, which was a huge disappointment.

  4. Rene Monik November 12, 2023 at

    e felt pressured to make a quick decision on a property that didn’t fully meet our needs. The agency seemed more interested in closing the deal than ensuring our satisfaction.

  5. Engel Ermil December 3, 2023 at

    Our agent was difficult to reach and often did not respond to our calls or emails for days. It was frustrating not to have our concerns addressed in a timely manner.

  6. Holt Kristofer December 18, 2023 at

    After signing the contract, the level of service drastically declined. Requests for assistance were ignored, leaving us to navigate post-sale issues on our own.

  7. Olivera Rosa January 8, 2024 at

    The commission and fees were significantly higher than what we found with other agencies, but we did not receive the premium service we were promised.

  8. Soto Ektor January 29, 2024 at

    Our agent was often late to appointments and seemed disorganized. This lack of professionalism made us question our choice to work with them.

  9. Rybakov Sergey February 13, 2024 at

    It became apparent that our agent lacked in-depth knowledge of the area’s real estate market, leading us to miss out on opportunities better suited to our needs.

  10. Bassi Fabiana March 2, 2024 at

    We later discovered the agency was representing both the buyer and the seller, which explained why our negotiations seemed to favor the seller’s interests over ours.


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