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Bitrue Review


About company:

Bitrue is a cryptocurrency exchange that launched in July 2017. The trading floor was registered in Canada, but over time the company opened additional offices in the United States and Singapore. The US and Southeast Asian markets are a priority for, but traders from Russia can also work on it. We bring to your attention a detailed review of the Bitrue cryptocurrency exchange, consider the capabilities of this exchange and customer reviews about the company. Site review Since the cryptocurrency exchange is aimed at users from America and Southeast Asia, there is no Russian-language interface on the site. Traders who know English well will be able to work on the stock exchange. The main page of Bitrue contains an overview of the latest news and company announcements. In particular, in December, the platform introduced the possibility of borrowing, added 30 new trading pairs with Ripple, and also announced a drawing of 240,000 XRP.

3 thoughts on “Bitrue Review

  1. Bitrue is a good alternative to other top exchanges. Both in terms of conditions and functionality. It has a daily turnover of around 3 billion, so there are no problems with liquidity. At the same time, you can trade relatively anonymously by registering in a standard way and without passing verification. It will be possible to replenish the account in the crypt, withdraw it and open positions. And verification will only increase the limits (they are not bad by the standard there) and open access to buying crypto for fiat and crypto loans.
    Crypto, as elsewhere, is bought through intermediaries like Simplex, so the exchange does not offer anything exceptional in this matter. Well, loans and other tools such as staking, farming, etc., not related to trading, do not interest me in principle. I would also include futures in this category. I am only interested in spot trading, and Bitrue offers everything you need – a bunch of directions, a convenient terminal with the ability to conduct technical analysis, market, limit and trigger orders, etc.
    In general, in my opinion the conditions are very good.

  2. I have been trading for several months. So far, I have identified the following shortcomings:
    – Absence of the Russian language. Uncritical, but I would like to see greater loyalty towards traders from the CIS. Especially when the site supports as many as 12 languages. This is not another small Chinese exchange with English and Chinese.
    – Commissions. There are 2 problems here – their structure and size. First, they are individual for different couples. This is not very convenient, because. constantly have to check the table. Secondly, in some areas, the commission reaches 0.2% or even up to 0.28% per order. With an average rate of 0.2%, this is not a bit loyal. Technically, it can be reduced by using an exchange token, but the discount is not that big.
    – Safety. At the moment, this seems to be in order, but in 2019 this exchange was hacked. $4 million of user assets were stolen.
    Didn’t find any other deficiencies. If you do not take into account that you have to trade in English and constantly check with commissions, then in general everything is not bad. The exchange is large, it has no problems with volumes and liquidity, many cryptocurrencies are supported, there are several markets, different types of transactions, etc. There are also pairs with the BTR exchange token, which is an ERC-20 token. It can be used not only to pay part of the commissions, but also in money management programs, to access certain types of deposits, etc. At the same time, the token has a limited emission, which makes it even more valuable in terms of investment. By the way, in addition to trading, you can engage in full-fledged investment. There is farming, various deposit plans, etc. You can also take crypto-currency loans on the security of your coins.

  3. Exchange – fire! You can trade crypto, perpetual contracts and leveraged ETFs/tokens. At the same time, cross and isolated margins are supported, and leverage for some pairs reaches x125. There are 3 types of orders supported on the spot: market, limit and trigger. In the futures market, you can enter into long and short trades. Everything works smartly, the exchange has excellent liquidity in most popular destinations. The attitude towards traders is adequate, they have never put a spoke in the wheel when withdrawing, the withdrawal itself is carried out promptly. Commissions are more than normal, including for withdrawal, not to mention trading. Due to the fact that there is an internal token, you can save on trading commissions (but the discount is small).

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