1st Auto Broker reviews. 1st Auto Broker: Beware of hidden problems and deception when buying cars at auctions.

Buying a car is an important and responsible decision, and many prefer to turn to intermediaries, such as 1st Auto Broker, for selecting and purchasing cars at auctions. However, despite promises of quality deals, some clients find themselves trapped in hidden problems and deception. In this article, we will explore the experiences of clients who encountered negative situations when buying cars through 1st Auto Broker and provide tips on avoiding such unpleasant situations.

1st Auto Broker: Company Overview:

1st Auto Broker is a company specializing in selecting and purchasing cars at auctions for its clients. They promise access to a wide range of cars and offer their services for selection, auction bidding, and delivery. However, a few clients have shared their negative experiences.

Client Stories:

Several 1st Auto Broker clients have shared their negative stories. They claim that the company presented cars to them as fully functional, but after receiving them, it turned out that the vehicles had serious technical problems and even had been involved in accidents.


According to client reviews, 1st Auto Broker refuses to take responsibility for the condition of cars after purchase. Clients often encounter the company’s reluctance to address problems arising from hidden defects.

Tips to Avoid Deception:

To avoid deception and a negative experience when working with 1st Auto Broker, follow these tips:

  1. Detailed Inspection:
    Never buy a car without conducting a detailed inspection. Consult an independent expert to check the car’s condition.
  2. Vehicle History Report:
    Obtain a vehicle history report to learn about its past accidents and repairs.
  3. Read Reviews:
    Research reviews from other 1st Auto Broker clients and study their experiences.
  4. Ask Questions:
    Be persistent and ask many questions to the seller about the car’s condition and history.
  5. Warranties and Contract:
    Review all warranties and contract terms before making a purchase.

Buying a car at auctions through intermediaries can be a risky endeavor. The experiences of clients who encountered negative situations when working with 1st Auto Broker emphasize the importance of caution and thorough car inspection before purchase. Do not rely solely on the promises of intermediaries and always verify the car’s condition to avoid unpleasant surprises and financial losses.

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10 thoughts on “1st Auto Broker reviews. 1st Auto Broker: Beware of hidden problems and deception when buying cars at auctions.

  1. Gordeev Lev July 3, 2023 at

    The 1st car broker presented themselves as a reliable broker, but they left me with a non-working car and refused to solve this problem.

  2. Tihonov Vyacheslav July 11, 2023 at

    Horrible experience with 1st auto broker! They sold me a car with serious technical problems and refused to fix the problem.

  3. Sergeev Denis August 17, 2023 at

    I do not recommend 1st Auto Broker to anyone. They promised me a quality car, but instead they gave me a drowned one.

  4. Rusakov Daniil August 29, 2023 at

    The 1st autobroker is a pure scam. They present the cars as working well, but in reality they are a complete disappointment.

  5. Ponomaryov Egor September 5, 2023 at

    This was my worst experience with a car dealer. The 1st auto broker sold me a car with hidden problems and has zero liability.

  6. Shilov Roman September 25, 2023 at

    The 1st auto broker is unscrupulous sellers. They hide information about car defects and refuse to solve the problems that arise.

  7. Anisimov Ruslan October 6, 2023 at

    Don’t waste your money and time on the 1st auto broker. They sell cars that are not as described and are responsible for this.

  8. Naumov Valeriy October 16, 2023 at

    My purchase from the 1st auto broker was a nightmare. They sold me a drowned man and did not provide any support.

  9. Davydov Aleksey November 23, 2023 at

    1st auto broker are scammers. They promise quality and reliability, but in fact they provide damaged and dangerous cars.

  10. Belozyorov Danila December 10, 2023 at

    It is better not to contact the 1st auto broker. They do not fulfill their obligations and ignore customer problems.


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