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About Us

We are the Yapeks company - we are engaged in the implementation of Japanese special equipment. We carry from Japan, without operating time in the territory of the Russian Federation. EXCAVATORS | MANIPULATORS | AUTOTOCKERS | DRILLING | CRANES | DUMPS | TRUCKS | MIXERS | AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT etc. WE ARE THE BRIDGE THROUGH WHICH JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY IS DELIVERED. WE DESIGN FRAME SPECIAL EQUIPMENT UNDER YOUR PTS - Everything is official. WE WILL BRING EQUIPMENT DIRECTLY FROM JAPAN AUCTIONS UNDER YOUR ORDER REGISTRATION SERVICE - FOR YOUR DOCUMENTS We have our own site in the Far East, where we carry out both dismantling of all imported equipment for spare parts and pre-sale preparation, namely: full painting, replacement of oil seals, replacement of bushings, replacement of cuffs, rubber tracks, etc. Preparation for the upcoming work in Russian conditions. Investments in the upcoming couple of seasons are not expected, with the exception of oils and filters!!! The equipment is purchased directly at the Japanese auction, delivered via sea to the Russian Federation, and undergoes customs clearance. The equipment has all the necessary documents and certificates. When purchasing spare parts and equipment from us, you can be sure that you will buy high-quality used products made in Japan, which are several times better than new ones from China or Korea.

DELIVERY We organize delivery to your city, spare parts and special equipment.

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  1. I am grateful to the person who opened my eyes to this company and helped me choose a normal broker. At first, this company traded normally, and then they began to “help” me to merge. It’s good that I left them on time, otherwise they would have drained me in the same way as they do in our other kitchens. If anyone has already encountered a situation where the broker starts to merge you, write to me and I will help with advice.

  2. Hello dear investors! I ordered a payment on 20.04 and they still won’t withdraw it in any way …, there wasn’t even a letter about the processing of the application. It never happened, I can’t even believe that I got so stupid … (((

  3. To be honest, I thought that they would divorce, with the withdrawal they are pulling, it should be up to 3 days, 6 have already passed, the support is silent, I think soon the acc will be deleted. DO NOT get fooled!!!

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