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Logistictrans.avto Reviews

Website: https://onelogistic.ru

Tel.: +781240995223

Address: Minsk, st. Oktyabrskaya, 12/a-8

About company:

Cars from auctions and from dealers: from Japan from the USA from Korea from the Emirates (Dubai) from the Vladivostok

3 thoughts on “Logistictrans.avto Reviews

  1. I am grateful to the person who opened my eyes to this company and helped me choose a normal broker. At first, this company traded normally, and then they began to “help” me to merge. It’s good that I left them on time, otherwise they would have drained me in the same way as they do in our other kitchens. If anyone has already encountered a situation where the broker starts to merge you, write to me and I will help with advice.

  2. After successful transactions, several applications for withdrawal were frozen (“part was lost on the way” in their words). Income was lowered to 18%. A week and a half trying to solve problems! The matter reached the financial department (from a letter from them). Issues not resolved.

  3. The most stupid broker I have ever seen. Continuous restrictions on transactions. And in order to withdraw money, you need to provide a bunch of documents, including the TIN. The most terrible broker.

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